pro Fit 6.0 feature list

pro Fit is an application for scientific data and function analysis on the Macintosh. Its main capabilities are:

Professional drawing, plotting and printing

Create drawings and plots in a powerful drawing editor, draw at zoom factors between 25 and 400% using a wide choice of drawing tools and commands:

Graphics export formats

Fitting Features

Editing and transforming data

Importing and exporting data

User defined functions and programs


Automatic recording of all your actions for generating a program or Apple Script to be replayed later.

Externally defined functions and programs

Powerful predefined plug-in modules and programs

On-line help

Unique "Preview" window

The "Preview" window is of particular significance since it brings a new visual, "real-time" method for evaluating the effect of parameter values on data or a function. The value of a function paramter can be changed graphically by dragging the functuion curve. Markers can be used to obvserve the coordinates of data points or functions.

Support of MacOS 8.6 through MacOS X

pro Fit 6.0 runs on MacOS 10.3 or better. pro Fit 5.5 and 5.6 are still available for user older versions of the MacOS.

Other features