pro Fit trial version

"pro Fit trial" is a free and fully functional version of pro Fit.

While the trial contains some minor limitations, it is very well suited for carrying out smaller tasks.

For the latest version, pro Fit 7, just download it. It will automatically run in trial mode until you purchase a registration code.

For completeness, the following table has download links for the trial versions for pro Fit 6 and earlier.

version runs on
download links
pro Fit trial 6.2.16 MacOS 10.6 or better. 16 MB
pro Fit trial 6.1.16 MacOS 10.4 or better. 10.9 MB
pro Fit trial 6.0.6 MacOS 10.3 or better. 6.2 MB
pro Fit trial 5.6.7 MacOS 10.1 or better,
MacOS 9.x with CarbonLib 1.5 or better *
4.1 MB
pro Fit trial 5.5.3 MacOS 8.6, MacOS 9.x, MacOS Classic
3.5 MB

* We recommend to use pro Fit trial 5.5.x on MacOS 9 because pro Fit trial 5.6 has only been certified on MacOS X. If you do want to use version 5.6 on MacOS 9, note that it comes as a gzipped "dmg" disk image file. This type of disk image file cannot be mounted in MacOS 9.2 or earlier. Use MacOS X to mount the image and copy its contents to your hard disk, then switch back to MacOS 9.x


After having downloaded the trial version, we recommend that you get a copy of the pro Fit user manual.