Welcome to the home of the developers of pro Fit, a macOS application for curve fitting (linear and nonlinear regression), plotting, and data analysis for macOS. It has Python and LaTeX support and lets you prepare high-quality graphs for publication.

pro Fit is used by scientists, engineers, and students to analyze their measurements and the mathematical models that describe them.

Use Python to define any mathematical function to model your data, finding the function parameters that best describe your observations. Analyze and process mathematical functions and data sets. Create professional plots and graphs for presentation and publication.

pro Fit comes in a free version, which limits the number of concurrently open documents but is still powerful enough for numerous tasks. To remove all limits, upgrade to the full version.


pro Fit 7.1.3 released (29 November 2022)

We have just released pro Fit 7.1.3. The new version resolves a potential issue with macOS 13.0.x and provides some cosmetic fixes for syntax coloring and scrolling in script windows.

If you have obtained pro Fit from the App Store, version 7.1.3 will be installed with your next update. If you have downloaded it from our website, the update is available from our downloads page.

pro Fit available on App Store (21 November 2022)

pro Fit is now also available on Apple’s App Store. Upon download, the application works in its free mode, and it can be upgraded to the full version via a monthly or yearly subscription. This gives current and future users several new options:

  • Current users of pro Fit 7.0 and earlier can get pro Fit 7.1 from the App Store and decide to subscribe to it instead of purchasing a registration code.
  • When temporarily working on a project where you need the full version or pro Fit, unlock the power of the app while you need it. This is great for working in dynamic teams.
  • Anyone who is unsure about using pro Fit for their projects can cheaply and easily activate the full version from the App Store to test the app in full mode.

But please note: If you do not care about subscriptions, you can ignore this. pro Fit 7.1 and future updates will also remain available directly from our on-line store, same as before.

Hence, there are now two ways to obtain pro Fit:

1. By download from our website. If you get pro Fit from there, you can run it for free in its feature-limited free mode. And you can unlock its full feature set by buying a license code that will be valid for all versions of 7.1.x.

2. By download from the App Store. If you get pro Fit from there, you can also run it for free in its feature-limited mode. And you can unlock its full feature set by buying a monthly or yearly subscription.

For pricing info, see here.

pro Fit 7.1.2 released (21 November 2022)

pro Fit 7.1.2 provides a few minor tweaks and fixes, in particular:

  • In view of Apple’s new way of calling things in Ventura, the “Preferences” command in the application menu has been renamed to “Settings”.
  • The Python Selection Assistant has been tweaked to better locate Python installations on Intel Macs.
  • Some issues that could affect debugging Python scripts have now been fixed.

If you are using the App Store, you will update automatically from there. Otherwise you can find the new version here

pro Fit 7.1 released (1 October 2022)

pro Fit 7.1 is a major release milestone. It runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel, and provides important new features, such as LaTeX and Python 3 support. More details can be found in our What’s New section.

The upgrade to pro Fit 7.1 is free for anyone who bought a registration code since 1 January 2021, and discounted upgrades are available for all other registered users who bought pro Fit 7.0 after January 1, 2019. See our Buying pro Fit page for details. The app can be found on our Downloads Page.

pro Fit 7.0.19 released (16 March 2022)

The latest maintenance release, providing a number of bug fixes and improvements. This is a recommended update for all users of pro Fit 7.0. Go get it. It is free for all pro Fit 7.0 users.

pro Fit 7.0 released (03 July 2015)

This is the full version of pro Fit 7.0, offering several new features. It is free for anyone who purchased pro Fit 6.2 since January 1, 2014. Upgrades for a reduced fee are available for all other current 6.2 users.