pro Fit Features

pro Fit is an application for scientific data and function analysis on macOS. A quick summary of its main capabilities:

  • Combination of an easy learning curve and of powerful capabilities for advanced users.
  • Graphs of functions and data with deep point-and-click editability.
  • A full drawing editor for creating high-quality graphs and plots for presentations and publication.
  • Instant previews of data and functions
  • Spreadsheets for storing and manipulating data of arbitrary size.
  • Extensive, flexible nonlinear regression and curve fitting capabilities.
  • Custom functions for plotting and analysis, defined using Python (or a simple Pascal-like language)
  • Complex custom-defined functions can also be created in an external compiler by compiling them as plug-ins and importing them into pro Fit.
  • Script repetitive tasks using Apple Script, Python, or Pascal. 
  • Use automatic recording of commands to create scripts that control what pro Fit does. Record and define scripts using Apple Script, Python, or Pascal.
  • Extensive online help.
  • Extensive metadata support in pro Fit documents. Ability to categorize them using smart folders or to find them through Spotlight.
  • Several other numerical tools.

For a more complete list, see here.